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This is the true life of a young girl that was sent to Cherish-You for help. This is the voice of 100's of thousands of children,, please read her story. This is her reality,, How many more stories like this do we need to see on the news to take action. This is going on in suburbia, she lives in a nice house. You would not know by looking at it what atrocities take place within its walls. This affects both the rich and the poor. Check back on her blog, SHARE IT. We have to stop this from being the life of any child. I am astounded that this goes on every day in our world. We see them, we walk by them. Please, if you even remotely suspect a child is being abused,, ask them. Let them know you actually care, that they are safe with you and you WILL help them. Picture this girl, when you read her words, you will probably have an image that comes to mind,, it is most likely a child you walked by and their face stuck with you. We are helping her, we need to stop this cycle in our world. This Quiet Fighter has found her voice, let it spread share this.   Be Well~ Chelle


so I was adopted at 5 months ... have two blood related siblings ... I found out at 5 years old I was adopted ... I became suicidal because I thought my parent who had me didn't care about me at all ... the mother who had me never came to see me but would go see my older brother little sister.... at 5 years old ... my brother & I started getting beat ... I had to raise my older brother & little sister since I was 5ish ... I taught them everything they needed to know & all by watching how other moms treated their children ... all my parents did ( I am living with ) .... was beat my brother & I ... it got worse & worse ... my brother was getting more hits then I ... & there was yelling & beating & more ... I started doing soccer & tried getting all this away from me ... I never have a role model or anyone I could look up to or trust .... so I had to do all on my own ... I would fight myself out of my mothers arms to take every hit I could for my brother! ... My mother would hold me back & force me to either watch my brother get beaten or go up to my room ... I chose to fight & try to save my brother ... at 11yrz old I was getting strong enough to get out of my moms arms and to fight against my dad ... I got out of my mothers arms & stood rite in front of my brother .... in between my brother & dad & would make my brother run while I took the hits brother would run up the stairs to the bathroom ... my dad would hit me so hard until .... until I fell to the floor ... then he would run after my brother ... I would get up half blacked out ... & run to catch up ... I would run up the stairs & get in front of my dad once again ... he would hit me until I feel to the stairs & then throw me down them ..... he would try to get my brother to get out of the bathroom but would soon leave ... sometimes I would leave to go to youth group or something & leave my brother at home to fend for himself ... I feel so guilty for that! And hate myself for that! I would go & lie to my pastor saying my brother was home doing homework or something ...... other times I would go to soccer ... when I could I would take my brothers hits ... at 16 years old ... almost 17 the beating began to stop ... & now there is a lot of yelling ... & word calling ... & threatening ... guilt tripping ... & manipulation .... & making people believe they are awful things ... & negative words & negative things ... & never good enough! Never will be good enough! Or meet up to their standards .... there is still a little abuse .... but mostly yelling & never getting a single break ... not even for five seconds ....Quiet Fighter...still Fighting thanks for listening and thanks  Thanks Chelle for everything!

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